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About C.J. Heigelmann

C.J. Heigelmann is an emerging author of Contemporary and Historical Fiction who has published two novels, An Uncommon Folk Rhapsody, and Crooked Fences. C.J. learned to negotiate the changing fabric of race relations within the United States while experiencing different nuances of racial interconnection and social class ideologies from California to Connecticut, the Deep South, and during military service in the United States Air Force. CJ combines these unique experiences with his knowledge of the humanities, an empathetic heart, and a belief in world peace, to produce literature which focuses on the human condition in any genre he touches. His writing style brings a fresh and compelling perspective to every plot and storyline. "Readers are not one dimensional, and their books shouldn't be either."


-C.J. Heigelmann, 2020.


He is a member of the Authors Guild, the Historical Novel Society, and the South Carolina Writers Association.


Awarded the 2020 New York City Big Book Award as the Distinguished Favorite in the category of Military Fiction.


Bestselling Amazon Author: Contemporary Literary Fiction, Depression, Racism and Discrimination, African American Literary Fiction, Historical Thrillers, and Historical African Fiction.


Comparable authors:  Charles Martin, Robert Whitlow, Denise Hildreth Jones, Therese Anne Fowler, Pat Conroy. 


"I express my characters in their pure flawed form because all of us are flawed. I don't shrink from using stereotypes whether positive or negative. Instead, I promote them, and in the next breath completely shatter them, exposing the error of subjugating individuals to intellectually lazy social labels, and compelling the reader to confront the true nature of a character while lending insight into understanding them."


 C.J. Heigelmann

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