CJ Heigelmann, Author, Writer.
CJ Heigelmann, Author, Writer.


About C.J. Heigelmann

CJ Heigelmann is a freelance writer and an author of Contemporary fiction, Historical fiction, and Psychological Thriller fiction.


CJ produces literature that focuses on the human condition through character perspective and realism.  Ever evolving, but yet retaining his core signature of sharp-edged realism, his writing style brings deep and compelling meaning to every plot and storyline while maintaining the integrity of the subject matter at hand. His ultimate goal is to stimulate a reader's mind, intellect and emotions, while being legitimately informative and intentionally provocative.



Heigelmann, C.J.  Can’t Stop What’s Inside. Common Folk Press, 2023.

Heigelmann, C.J.  Can’t Hide What’s Inside. Common Folk Press, 2021.

Heigelmann, C.J.  Crooked Fences. Common Folk Press, 2019.

Heigelmann, C.J.  An Uncommon Folk Rhapsody. Common Folk Press, 2017.



Heigelmann, C.J. “The Other Side of the Hill.” The Writers and Readers’ Magazine, May/June, issue 16, vol. 3, pp. 7-11. 2021.

Heigelmann, C.J. “The Other Side of the Hill.” Rigorous Magazine, vol. 5, no. 2, 2021.



Heigelmann, C.J. “The Other Side of the Hill.” Catfish Stew: 2021 South Carolina Anthology, edited by Ferguson Williams, South Carolina Writers Association. 2021.

Heigelmann, C.J. (2022). The Sacred Place of Blessings. In J. Sorensen (Ed.), From the Yonder (Vol. 3),(pp. 201-216). War Monkey Press, LLC. (Originally Published 2022).



 Finalist, 16th Annual National Indie Excellence Award,

Military Fiction, 2022, 

Crooked Fences 

(Contemporary Fiction).


Winner, Independent Press Award,

Multicultural Fiction, 2021, 

An Uncommon Folk Rhapsody 

(Historical Fiction).


Finalist, Elizabeth Boatwright Coker Fellowship for Fiction,


The Other Side of the Hill 

(Short Story Fiction).


Finalist, Wishing Shelf Book Award,

Adult Fiction, 2020, 

An Uncommon Folk Rhapsody 

(Historical Fiction).


Distinguished Favorite, New York City Big Book Award,

Military Fiction, 2020, 

Crooked Fences 

(Contemporary Fiction). 



Authors Guild 

Historical Novel Society

South Carolina Writers Association


BESTSELLING AMAZON AUTHOR SUB-GENRES: Contemporary Literary Fiction, Depression, Racism and Discrimination, African American Literary Fiction, Historical Thrillers, Historical African Fiction, Vigilante Justice, and Serial Killers.


"I express my characters in their pure flawed form because all of us are flawed. I don't shrink from using stereotypes whether positive or negative. Instead, I promote them and in the next breath completely shatter them. This exposes the error of subjugating individuals to intellectually lazy social labels, compelling the reader to confront the empirical nature of a character while lending insight into true understanding."



-CJ Heigelmann

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C.J. Heigelmann is a proud member of The Authors Guild
C.J. Heigelmann is a proud member of The South Carolina Writers Association
C.J. Heigelmann is a proud member of The Historical Novel Society

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Common Folk Press Publishing, SP


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